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EduQuest was a division of IBM that produced personal computers intended for the educational market. Today the EduQuest division appears to be long since defunct and IBM itself has gotten entirely out of the personal computer business. These pages represent what little information about these machines exists today.

Though in a slumbering state for many years, some things were updated in late September 2016 and again in November. You'll find some more software, information about how to use an XT-IDE card with certain models and various other little fixes. While I no longer own any EduQuest products, these pages will remain online and may receive updates if more information about them is uncovered.

In November 2016, I found an article from 1992 discussing the origins of IBM's EduQuest division.

The only EduQuest models I've personally seen are the 30, 40 and 55. Also produced were a 35, 45, 50 and supposedly even a Model 60. I've never seen any of those models. Nor do I know when production of the EduQuest line came to an end.

If you have information, card outlines, supportive software or updates, information in general or anything on the EduQuest machines I would love to know! Please write me an e-mail.

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