EduQuest Token Ring Card

This showed up in my EduQuest 55, figured it was worth a quick look...

EduQuest TR Adapter

Looks just like an ISA version of the oh-so-common 16/4 adapter for MCA machines. Anyone ever seen the Ethernet adapter?

U1 - 50G6144ESD
U2 - I'm making a guess at the chip's ID but it is a BIOS for sure. 6263329 copyrighted 1993
U11 - TC55329J-35
U12 - TC55329J-35
T1 - 39F6511
T2- 39F6511
Y1 - 32MHz
S1 - DIP switchblock
P1 - Single three pin jumper for ??? A jumper is present, over the rearmost set of pins.

I should find out if this adapter supports RPL. It probably does...seems that booting from a centralized server was pretty common in the educational market so as to cut costs.

Jumper Settings

Not a clue, but I'd suspect they are similar to or the same as the ISA TR adapters.