EduQuest Sound

Optional Sound Extension Board (runs two headphone plugs, one microphone plug, and a volume control to the system's front for easy access)

Thanks to David L. Beem for providing this and the needed bezel. I need to find the interconnect cable for this card so I can use it completely.

Sound Board

J1 - Connection to sound card
U1 - Samsung KA386
J2 - Earphone Plug #1
J3 - Connection to planar for basic audio
J5 - Earphone Plug #2
J6 - Connection to System Speaker for audio output
J7 - Microphone Plug

Sound Card
Thanks to Arthur H. Walker for providing this card...

MWAVE EduQuest card

U1 - Crystal CS4215-KL
OSC1 - 33.8688MHz
OSC2 - 23.040MHz
U4 - TI MWave DSP TMS320M520PQL

JP1-JP5 - Marked on board as "Addr", "RFREQ", and "MIDI". What these jumpers actually do is anyone's guess.
JP7-11 - Enables you to select the interrupt that the sound card will use. Choices in order from JP7 to 11 are:


JP13 - Not a clue--it is open on my adapter.
JP20 - Three pin jumper, no clue as to what it does. Set on pins facing the rear (away from the ports) on mine.
JP14-JP19 Sets "DRQ/DACK". My guess is that these control the DMA channels used by the adapter. Your choices (in order from JP14 to JP19) are:


The "CD Audio" plugs above are a set of 4x4 pin headers. I believe they all have the same pinout and you can plug your CD-ROM drive's audio output into any of them with the same results.

Supposedly this card works under Windows 95. I have no idea whether or not this is true, and if it involves reusing Windows 3.1x drivers or not. I have no idea where any drivers for the card are and would appreciate being directed to them if they still exist. Please send an e-mail message to if you have information on this.