Schematics for Selected IBM Products (mostly PS/2s)

The following PDF files represent schematics for various IBM products, including a few Personal System/2 models. These files come from and were placed in the public domain by D'Asaro Designs. They have encouraged distribution of these files in the name of information preservation, a goal that we believe is extremely important!

Walsh Computer Technology makes no guarantee regarding the accuracy or suitability of these files for any particular purpose! These files are provided solely as a courtesy to the vintage computer collecting and operating communities in the hope that they will be useful for those looking to maintain or repair their vintage computer hardware. You use these files entirely at your own risk!

Note: These files are in some cases VERY LARGE. We recommend forcing your browsing software to download them manually, which can usually be done by right-clicking each link and choosing to save the downloaded file. Users of metered or otherwise consumption-billed connections should consider the size of these files before downloading them over such connections.

PS/2 Products
Other IBM Products
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