IBM PS/2 Files

This is a fairly complete archive of files (and some others) for the IBM PS/2 series PC.
NOTE: Disk images on this page are in RAW format. These images can be processed by many different utilities. If you don't have a utility to write disk image files, you can download several here.

Feel free to mirror and/or use this content anywhere/however you like, as long as you don't charge for it. MORE THAN ANYTHING abide by the IBM License terms (license.txt) that is included with each archive. These files are still and will remain for all time PROPERTY OF IBM... they allow duplication and distribution for support purposes, but NOT FOR PROFIT.

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Hardware Reference/Maintence Manuals in PDF Format
Model 25
Model 25-286
Model 25 SX
Model 30
Model 30-286
Model 33E (PS/2e)
Model N33 SX
Model 35 SX
Model 40 SX
Model L40
Model N45
Model 50, 50Z
Model N51 SX, N51 SLC
Model 53, 53 LX
Model 55, 55LS
Model 56, 56 SX, 56 LS
Model 57, 57SX
Model CL57
Model 60
Model 65
Model 70
Model 70-486
Model P70
Model P75
Model 76, 77, M77
Model 76I, 76S, 77I, 77S
Model 80
Server 85 486SX (9585-xXx)
Server 85 486DX (9585-xKx/xNx)
Model 90 386
Model 90 XP, XP Server
Model 95 XP
Server 95, 95A
Display Adapter Files
Multimedia Adapter Files
Network Adapter Files
I/O Bus Adapter / Device Files
Miscellaneous Option Disks / Drivers
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