Model 57 486 SLC 2

The Model 57SLC2 was a much more powerful system than the original Model 57SX or SLC systems. Featuring a 486SLC2 processor (as opposed to a 386SX or SLC CPU) operating at 50MHz internally, and featuring XGA-2 video on the system planar board, it offered much better graphics and system performance than did the 57SX/SLC.

Model 57 486 SLC 2

I got mine from a nearby computer and electronics recycling event. Not only does it work perfectly, but it even has the original keys and key tag!

It's configured as follows:

IBM 486SLC2 CPU at 50MHz internal operating speed (25MHz external)
2.88MB Floppy Diskette Drive
240 and 730MB Quantum SCSI Hard Disks
XGA-2 Video
16MB RAM (the most that's supported in this system)

Right now it's running Windows 95 because that's what it came with. I plan to change that, but I'm not sure what I'll replace it with. A project computer for now.
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