Models 50 and 50Z (50Z pictured)

Model 50z--finally in a place it can stay!

50z currently has the following:

You can't really see it, but the 8514/A video adapter is a nice improvement over the base VGA. Though it uses a rather low scan rate, with the right monitor (an 8514 or my favorite the 8515) it's a very, very good display. In addition to that, how many 286-based computers have you seen do 1024x768 video with 256 colors?

At present I have not done too much with this computer. It is the lone computer on my network to be running the MS-DOS client and server network software...a project that I helped Christian Hansen with. You can see the page that he made here. It's an interesting read.

The Model 50 (no Z) is still a work in progress. I've replaced the hard disk with a 170MB drive on an Arco IDE controller. I've also cleaned the machine up. I don't know what I'll do with it yet. Potential plans could involve installation of an AOX MicroMaster 386 CPU upgrade card.

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