PS/2 Model 77 Ultimedia Lacuna

Model 77 Ultimedia Lacuna

Certain IBM PS/2s were made available with special multimedia features. These models were known as "Ultimedia" PS/2s. I know of only two models that were made available with the special options--the Ultimedia Models 57 and 77.

This computer is not a "true" Ultimedia Lacuna...such things are rather uncommon. However, it does have most of the Ultimedia hardware and the special front panel with a volume control and plugs for headphones and a microphone.

After discovering that Windows 98 has lousier-than-believed support for MCA-bus machines and hardware, I stepped back to Windows 95 OSR 2.5. Windows 95 runs well on the hardware. Software installed includes a 16-bit MP3 player (required as the Audiovation has no native Windows 95 drivers), the Opera web browser and 1.1.4. Sound quality from the onboard panel-mounted speaker is astoundingly good. The adapters and hardware currently installed in this computer include:

Intel Pentium OverDrive 83MHz CPU
1GB Seagate SCSI hard disk
Audiovation/A sound card
Toshiba 4X CD-ROM drive
Future Domain/IBM "Patriot" SCSI card
3COM 3C529-TP Ethernet adapter

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