Model 56-SLC

Special thanks to Barry Fealy for this system.
Model 56SLC

The Model 56SLC is a smaller, more compact version of the Model 57SLC PS/2.

This system has the following equipment installed:
IBM 486SLC2-50 Processor Upgrade
IBM XGA-2 Video Adapter
Digital EtherWorks/MC Ethernet NIC
2.88MB Floppy
1GB SCSI hard disk
SoundBlaster Pro MCV sound card

This is the second PS/2 system I have received with the lock & keys. (The first was a 57SLC2). As of this writing, I've upgraded the hard disk from the original 160MB to a 1GB drive, and installed Windows 95. Some folks might think Windows 95 is a too much of a load for a 386SX family system, but in my experiences Win95 has always run very well on the 486SLC2 processor from IBM. I plan on trying to find a way to have the hard disk and a CD-ROM installed at the same time if it is possible.
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