Model 25 Care and Feeding

Your Model 25 or EduQuest doesn't ask for much in terms of care and feeding. Give it a stable place to stay, don't drop it, keep the temperature comfortable--and it will remain in good working order for many years to come.

That pretty much summarizes what you have to do to make sure your Model 25 rewards you with years of satisfactory and stable computing. In detail, here are some more "Dos" and Don'ts" to keep in mind.


Keep your Model 25 comfortable. If you're comfortable, your Model 25 is probably just fine as well. Avoid temperature and humidity "shocks"...these can and will kill your 25 dead.

Keep the machine clean inside. The Model 25 can build up quite a lot of dust. I recommend use of an air hose with sufficiently filtered or clean output (no water, no oil, no dust, etc...) to blow the machine out yearly if it is used heavily.

Remember to turn off the power when you're done or if you will be leaving your Model 25 for a while.

Use a good and properly installed surge protector.

Be careful when working inside. It's tough to kill a Model 25 by accident, but always make sure to do things like lowering the bottom tray carefully.


Sit on your Model 25. If you own other PS/2s, you may know that some of them work equally well as furniture or chairs. This is not true of the Model 25.

Subject your Model 25 to climatic shock of any kind and power it up immediately or soon afterwards.

Drop your Model 25. This goes without saying. At the very least you will probably dislodge the shadow mask in the CRT and you will certainly kill the hard disk. At worst, you will break the CRT, which makes a huge mess.

Let the tray containing planar and drives slam down when you take it out. This is hard on socketed chips and will kill an installed hard disk sooner or later!

Forget to release the cable hook if yours is still attached when lowering the planar and drive tray.

Leave your Model 25 running all the time. This is hard on the CRT and will cause premature failure. Remember that the CRT is probably already at least 10 years old and may be pretty well worn.

Get the voltage selector switch wrong. This is instant death for a 25, more so on a 120V-set unit plugged into 220V.

Set your 25 on an unstable surface, especially if you use the built in leveling foot. The Model 25 is already a bit tipsy so don't help it along.

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