Other Computers In The WCT Computer Collection

Over time I have collected computers beside the IBM PS/2 line and other "clone" MCA machines. Generally I have done so because the computers had some historical significance or just because I hated to see a fine computer meeting an untimely end at the scrapyard or in the garbage truck.

Most of these computers are squirreled away somewhere within the confines of "The Lab" here at Walsh Computer Technology. I don't yet have enough room to have all of them out and operating, and for some that wouldn't be a good idea anyway...simply because there are parts that would wear out or break with replacements being hard to find. A very few lucky machines are out in somewhat mainstream use.

I don't really see myself as an expert or prepared to offer assistance on any of these machines should you have the fortunate circumstance to find one for your very own. (Basically, I'm trying to be nice and say "please feel free to look, but don't ask me questions" but in a not quite so harsh way.) However, if you absolutely, positively cannot find the information you seek on your new treasure, I will try to help you as best I can. Just don't get your hopes up too high. I may be looking for the answer you seek myself! That said, go ahead and send me an e-mail.

Right now I have a pretty complete listing. Pages for each machine will be coming as I find time.


Apple IIe
Apple IIc
Apple IIGS
Apple III and interesting peripherals
(this machine was actually in still in active use in September 2003!)

Mac "Classics" 512K and 1MB
Mac SE/30
Mac "Classic"
Mac "Classic 2"
still looking for my color Classic...

Mac II
Mac Centris 610
PowerMac 6200CD
PowerMac 6300CD
PowerMac 6500/250 (with incorrect 300MHz mainboard)

PowerBook Duo 270C (a cool machine!)

Apple Networking:

Asante FriendlyNet adapter (attached to the Centris 610)
Asante NuBus Ethernet Card (in the Mac II)
Shiva FastPath with 10baseT Ethernet
(in active use, seemingly one of the few still being used!)


5150 PC
5150 PC "Turbo Project"
5160 XT


Laser XT "clone"




Tandy Color Computer III


T1000 (?) 386SX Portable
T3100 Portable


PC/XT "clone"