Tim Clarke

Tim Clarke

In sequence - a slow right to left pan
around "the Office". Plus a shot showing MVS running on the
PC Server 500 S/390 under Warp Server. I haven't bothered with the hall and
the living room, as this lot is quite enough for now. I just thought that
I'd contribute something for now.

01) Storage, storage, where's the storage?
Also, at the right of the picture is the "Internet Access Corner" with the
3Com "Tailfin" Cable Modem (doing a "Jaws" impression from behind stack),
SMC7004AWBR Wireless Barricade (11Mbps Wireless LAN Access Point, 3-port
10/100Mbps Switch, Print Server and WAN Router), IBM 8222 10Mbps Hub and IBM
8227 Wireless LAN Entry 500Kbps Access Point.

02) "Server City"
The UPS in the foreground (APC Smart UPS 2000XLI with a couple of battery
packs) is out for service as it claims there's not enough grunt in the
battery packs anymore, which I don't believe. Close together are the PC
Server 720 and PC Server 500 S/390 completely obscuring the "dinky" P90'd
9595A which acts as the Primary Domain Controller, RPL Server, Main File
Server, Token-Ring to Ethernet Router etc. etc. etc. There's the Toshiba
Satellite Pro 480CDT which is the Internet DMZ machine and main Internet
access resource. It partially hosts my "Back-End" Web Service, with many of
the files being accessed from the 9595A over Token-Ring.

03) "Playground"
My "development system" Server 95 with P60. The poor thing, it spends most
of its time open to the elements when I'm testing adapters, re-formatting
Fast+Wide drives or whatever. Device Programmer sitting on the top of it.
You can just about see my experimental SMP Windows NT 4 Server peeking in
from the left. Also, some of my, by now infamous, Belkin OmniView SEs off
against the wall. What else? IBM 8228 MAU on the floor at the back with a
couple of Shiva LanRover/E/T Plus RAS Servers being tested and configured.
Umax S6E scanner disconnected again and labouring under a stack of IBM and
Kingston memory expansion adapters. Idek Iiyama Vision Master Pro 17"
monitor, laser, inkjet and 24-pin dot-matrix printers, a DDS2 drive in a
3510 external enclosure along with an IBM Topcat 230MB MO drive and another
8222 Hub. Joystick and Throttle (oops, shouldn't have said that). Three more
Server 95/95As (a P66 and two P90s) along with a Server 85, souped-up with a
Kingston TC133. Note, up by the monitor, the radio module for the 1Mbps IBM
Wireless LAN (Advanced) which is running off the MCA/ISA adapter in the
Server 85.

04) "Network Corner"
All the (mainly networking) kit that isn't in service just now, including my
"games machine". Network kit consists of an IBM 8274 RouteSwitch with lots
of E(i)thernet and Token-Ring ports, a Madge Smart RingSwitch, a Madge
SmartCAU Plus, IBM 8230 CAU and 20-port ICS LAM, another Shiva LanRover/E
Plus and three 2500-series Cisco Routers. The eagle-eyed amongst you may
have spotted the IBM 8250 Token-Ring concentrator in picture 01).

05) "Mainframe Land"
The PC Server 500 S/390 showing the MVS console and the P/390 Control
Program folder, as well as the P/390 Activity monitor.