Peter H. Wendt

Peter H. Wendt
The "Godfather" of the MCA Mafia. Here's what he had to say in his e-mail to me:

(Everything beyond this point is what I've been sent--except what's noted as "Editor".)

Me in the lab in a "typical working position" with appropriate environment. Waiting for some process to complete. Taken in Juli last year.

p000115a.jpg / p000115b.jpg - two shots of "The Lab" as it was some time ago. First picture shows desk and workbench, second shot is towards the door. The room is 4.5 by 6.5 meters but only 2 meters high. Not enough for a fullsize 19" rack (which measure 2.05 m *and* you need room to tilt it in vertical position).

See the many PS/2 stuff standing around ?

That is only a *fraction* of the total collection.

About me: born August 13th 1960. Size: something around 1.80 meters (don't know what's that in "anglican measures"). Weight: about 150 pounds without glasses and shoes. Hair: dark brown. Eyes: two of them, one on either side of the face - fortunately. They're green-grey most of the time. Left is short-sighted, right wide-sighted. Strange effect that no one can explain.

Bad habits: smokes, drives like a wild-ass, excessive reader with about 1.000 - 1.200 pages a week average, computers, cars, e-mails. Loves silly pictures (mainly those "with girls with no clothes" - but also really funny ones). Tells bad jokes. Not married. No known kids. Two known heart-attacks so far. Drinks little coffee but lots of Coke and likes italian food. Bad cook. Except on Spaghettis. Constantly forgets names of peoples.

Doesn't care for money. As long as there is some left.

"System of values" totally rotten: 50 bucks for a pair of trousers is too much - 50 bucks for a 4.5GB HD with low runtime is cheap.

Favourite movie: "The Blues Brothers" (1980). Has a permanent "Blues Brothers" pin on every shirt (one - which wanders ...).

Preferred music: ecclestic. From classic to Blues, to Hard Rock, to Techno to "industrial / experimental", to Gothic and back again. Dislikes Soul, Free Jazz and Marching Band music.

Religion: none. Considered inappropriate for a technology freak.

Favourite quotes:
"Learn from the mistakes of others. Your life is not long enough to make all the mistakes yourself."
"It is a good idea to choose words soft and sweet. You don't know when you'll have to eat them."
(Both Alfred E. Newman - Mad Magazine)

Profession: originally draftsman in architecture. Later computer technician, today "IBM Server Hardware Consultant" at GE-CompuNet° in Hamburg / Germany ( That's the guy who helps the sales department to sell the right stuff right at the first time - and also installs what the sales department actually sold the customer (which is often not the same he'd recommended to sell ...).
Doesn't bother much with the software ... that's a different group of people to do that. Later.

Sporting activities: pages flipping (in books), weightlifting (PS/2s from one stack to another), motor racing (any day on public roads), advanced shoetieing, enhanced tactile capabilities training and cursing (means: writing a lot e-mail responds), brain-jogging (means: deep thinking on various problems -or- trying to recall the name of the guy I talked to 15 minutes ago). (Editor: Best kinds of sports to be involved in!)

Special abilities: "complex problem solving" (as in: driving on a twisty country road with 80mph, while smoking, using the cell-phone, changing the cassette in the player all at one time while overtaking a truck. In the night. During a rainstorm.)
Left-handed screwdriver operating. Left-handed mouse operating (leaves right hand free for writing while phoning with a customer ... on *my* computers the mouse parks *Left* from the keyboard!)
Ten-finger-typist. On "M" keyboards mainly.

Most used PS/2s:

9585-0NG: 5x86-133 / 256MB / 1x 2.16GB F/W + 2 x 9.1GB F/W / MC32 TR, 3C-529 ET / NT4 Server. Main server.

9595-S20: P-166 / 80MB / 1 x 9.1 F/W / MC32 TR / XGA-2 / Win95C. Main workstation.

9595-AMT: 5x86-133 clocked at 150 / 2x 2.1 + 1x 2.51GB / TR 16-4 / Linux 7.1. Intranet Server.

9533-GBY: 486SLC2 / 16MB / 1x 12GB IDE / XGA-2 / TR 16-4 / Linux 7. MP3-Server

9577-BNG: POPD5V83 / 32MB / 1x 4.5GB IDE + 1x 2.2GB SCSI external / TR 16-4 / S3-928 / IBM ACPA / Win98SE. MP3-player and Audio Capture unit.

9577-1NA: 5x86-133 / 32MB / 1 x 2.16GB SCSI / XGA-2 / TR 16-4 / Audiovation / Linux 7.3. Linux testbox for 2.4.x kernel testing.

9595-B06: P133 currently / 64MB ECC / 6 x 1.05GB in Raid 5 on Passplay / XGA-2 / MC32 TR / IBM ACPA / OS2 Warp 4. Testing server / experimental platform

8641-MZV: 2 x P-133 / 128MB / 2 x 2.1GB (raid 1) + 3 x 4.5GB (Raid 0) + 6 x 4.5GB (raid 5) from off a FWSR-PCI / Triple LAN TR PCI / WinNT 4 Server. Backup server / special task force.

Non PS/2:

6561-350 (PC-300GL outmaxed): P-II 333 / 256 MB / 40GB IDE / DVD / Riva TNT 64MB / PCI Lanstreamer / Creative SB 1024! PCI / Microtek ScanMaker 2c / Win98SE. Multimedia, scanner, DVD station.

Compaq DeskPro 590: P-120 actually / 100MB / 20GB IDE / 32x IDE CD + 4-4-32 IDE burner / Win95C / 16-4 TR PCI. CD-burner station

IBM Thinkpad 770. P-233MMX mobile / 96MB / 4.5GB IDE / 10.4" TFT / Win95 / PCMCIA TR .... the company laptop.