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(Editor: Jim is the one on the left. George Takei (of Star Trek fame) is on the right...)

OK, here we go....

I don't have any good pics of the MCA stuff yet, but you can pull a pic of my hamshack here:

(Editor: Big picture, so I put a link to it here...)

This image was recently published in the 'Shack pictures' section of
the book 'A Family Affair, the R.L.Drake story', by John Loughmiller.

At the right edge, you can see the 9517 monitor that is connected to the 9595-0PT machine with Brutus the 'monitor lizard' (for real, he is a Sceptre monitor company promo) (Ed. I want one of those lizards!) perched atop. This is the 'Turbo-Y' 200 MHz MMX machine which is connected to the ham station for SSTV and PSK31, and is also used for contact logging. It runs WinNT4, OS/2 4, and DOS/Win3.11 to run the HP Scanjet Plus scanner. I also use this machine to process images for my web site. Machine name: Tuzanor.

The other machine in daily use is a Server 500 hot-rodded to 180 MHz, running Debian Linux 2.2r0 Kernel 2.2.19, serving as an APRS digipeater/part-time iGate. Machine name: Trigati. Look here for some screenshots:


Almost realtime output can be seen here:


If you want to know what the heck APRS is, check www.aprs.net (not PS/2 related.)

I used to be part of the 'IBM sucks' crowd until I picked up a Model 80 some years ago at a surplus auction, with the intent of applying it to some ham radio applications. I was impressed with how well the machine performed, and began to acquire more parts for it. Next was a Model 77
Lacuna, and the rest is history. The State of Nebraska and University of Nebraska were heavily invested in PS/2 computers, and the capitol city of Lincoln has become a veritable treasure trove of interesting surplus PS/2s over the past several years. Aside from the aforementioned machines, I also have a (newly acquired) 5-processor Server 720 (machine name: Galactica - was considering Enterprise, but that seemed too trite), around 15 or so assorted Model 95s of various configs, three P70s and a P75, assorted Bermuda and Lacuna 77s, 57s, 80s, 60s, 55sx, 50z, 70, PS/2e, N51sx laptop (used to program GE Phoenix mobile radios for ham use), one model 85, two PS/2-TV boxen
(but only one power supply), and assorted other odds and ends.

As you can probably tell from some of my machine names and my web site, I am very into science fiction. My other interests include vintage ham radio equipment, with an emphasis on R.L. Drake gear. In the spirit of the PS/2 newsgroup, I am a user of this equipment, not a 'collector' as
such, although some of my pieces are 'collector quality'. I have been a licenced ham operator since age 15, and was in the computer business for some 12 years until (mostly) getting out of it last year. Our
black cat, Bandit, allows my 13 year old son Alex and myself to share his house in Lincoln, Nebraska, and I am active as an assistant Scoutmaster in Alex's Boy Scout troop.

Age: forty-something

Bad habits: smokes, drinks too much coffee, spends too much time on the internet.

Likes: pastrami sandwiches, beautiful women, most types of music except rap and C&W, the Sci-Fi and NASA channels, anything techie.

Dislikes: idiots, Microsoft (they go together, don't they?), dishonesty, taxes, obnoxious drunks.

Philosophy of life: 1. Don't sweat the small shit ; 2. it's ALL small shit.

Second Coolest accomplishment: talked to hams on the space shuttle and MIR with my little bitty ham radio. (First coolest accomplishment being my son).

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