Euclides Zoto

Euclides Zoto

This is me. Kinda scary but the pictures of the PS/2's are
really what is important isn't it? However these are the machines I own.
I have a fondness for the 9577's with a 9595, 8595 thrown in.

9577vtg.jpg: My favorite PS/2. I have never seen one like this so I knew
it was special. The owner of the [salvage] yard saved it because he knew I like
them. I am grateful indeed. 8518 Monitor, 83mhzODP, 1megVRAM, 2.1gig
Western Digital, Piper sound card, 4x IBM scsi cdrom, Hayes external modem,
running Win 3.1, MS-DOS 6.22.

Logo50th.jpg: A close up of this Logo.

L1UAR1NA.jpg: This are both of my Ultimedia's. Both bermuda's and still
looking for the 6tg and 7tg (Lacuna's) Left: 9577 Ultimedia 1UA running
Win95. Right: 9577 Ultimedia 1NA running OS/2 WARP 3. Both have Hayes
external modems and they fly on the internet!

Library.jpg: I believe this is the complete library set for the 9577 with
diskettes. I'm not sure though.

9595a1NT.jpg: This is my 9595a1NT in my room. Got the P90 in this machine

90digit.jpg: Waited a long time to see those digits on this machine.

29577.jpg: On top is the 9577BTB. The last 9577 model made before they
were discontinued. What a sad day that was. On the bottom is the first
PS/2 I got. A 9577KNG. I souped this one up to the max. You could say it
was this machine that started it all and my first posts to the PS/2 NG for
info on this machine.

: Another picture
95771NA.jpg: Another picture.

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