David Palmer - "Barovelli"

David Palmer - "Barovelli"

My bio

PS/2 trigger: First computer my employer issued to me - a handed down Model 70 that was stuck on an boot error screen. Words were "If you can fix it, you can have it!" A few questions in c.s.i.p.h and it was up and running. I had the fastest PC in the company! I've been using PS/2s mostly in hobby form since then.

I'm freakishly tall. Five Foot Eighteen I often say.

The header photo contains no PS/2s. (don't shoot!) I am at the keyboard of the "Alien Presence Detection System" posing for the camera. The APDS is a homebuilt P!!! 850 on an Abit BE6 II motherboard. Just can't get enough ooomph out of 'Bender' to digitize LP records.

Likes: Computers, Adult Country Music [ try www.kpig.com ], The Family, Work.

Hates: Compact cars.

Lives on the left coast. About 2 miles from the beach. Drives a gas guzzling SUV. Commutes 90 miles several times per week - talks like a truck driver on the CB.

Works for whatever big mega corporation that owns the cable company (It changes too often). Manages warehouses. Oracle Rulz!

My PS/2s:

8525 - 2 of them. One destined to become a 'PS/2 TV' when I find a donor set.
9576 - Got it for my 'over 55' mother. Perfect bullet proof machine.
8580 - Nibbler. From School rummage sale. $15
9595-0LG - Spares?
9595-0PT - 'Bender Server' P60, 6.5g, 32MB. Saves downloads, shares the ProPrinter XL24E, equipped with a Courier V.Everything & Wildcat! BBS.
8573- 031 Looking for a home.
8573-121 Fooling around machine. Amazes kids' visiting friends.
9533 Digital Shortwave radio interface. Low RF emissions from the PS/2e make it perfect for this purpose.

Not a PS/2

730T - Tablet PC. I'm going to walk into a staff meeting with it one day with "my palm's bigger than your palm!"
Thinkpad 600x. Spouse's computer.

Pictures of 'The Bat Cave'

The corner
Bender & Nibbler
ProPrinter & a couple of monitors. The Panasonic Toughbook that belongs to the employer.
The Alien Presence Detection System.
PS/2e & radio equipment.
A few record albums !!

"A Sound Mind. A Healthy Body. Pick One" Mr. Hedge

Website: (not PS/2 related) http://www.barovelli.com/