Bob Eager

Bob Eager
Born 11th December 1950, in Brighton, England. Now live near the cathedral city of Canterbury in Kent. The 'day job' is teaching operating system theory and various PC hardware/software stuff at the University of Kent.

Enough about me....

Bought my first two PS/2s in 1989 - a brand new 8580-111, and an 8550-061. Still have the 8580. The 8580 ran almost continously until 1997 or so - off mainly for power cuts. I still have it - can't bear to part with it. Not many people bought PS/2s as home computers!

The 8550 went in the Great Upgrade of 1992, to be replaced by an 8557. The 8580 was moved to my work office, and in came an 8595-ALF (European -0LF). Still have both of those, too. Plus about 30 or so other PS/2s, including 8530, 8555, 8557, 9556, 8573 (P70), 9576, 9577, several 8580s of different
sorts, 9585, 8590, and lots of 8595/9595. Plus lots of monitors, keyboards, and boxes of parts.

These all reside in what should be our living room. Our living room is up in one of the bedrooms. I am told by 'The Management' that this Has To Change.

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