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This is a link to download the software installer for the Shiva FastPath 5 software unit. It is the original and untouched installer program file from the original disks as I received them with my FastPath. Contained within this download are the Shiva Net Manager 2.5 program, K-Star 9.2 (dated 06/08/1993), KFPS v 5.1 (dated 11/25/1991) and some miscellaneous information concerning SNMP.


Read the following carefully and at least once prior to downloading this software!

Neither I nor Walsh Computer Technology can be held responsible for any results coming from the use, download, storage or anything else regarding this software. This software is provided in good faith, but with NO GUARANTEE that it will work for its intended purpose, or even that it will work at all. An effort was made to test the download on a Power Macintosh 6500 computer system, and it did appear to work correctly.

Beyond the pages here, Walsh Computer Technology DOES NOT provide support for this software. If you're having download troubles, we'll try to help you find out why, but we cannot and will not offer any guidance beyond these pages. If you do not know how to properly install software on your Mac we strongly recommend finding someone who does know how to install software on your computer to set this program up for you.

Regarding the legality of this download, Shiva Corporation has been through many hands since the FastPath hardware was manufactured. An exhaustive search of their website does not show that this software is provided any longer. Since this software was originally provided with and is really only useful with the FastPath 5 hardware, it is fair to say that the only folks who will really benefit from this file are those who own the FastPath hardware. Should Shiva Corporation or a duly authorized representative request that this software no longer be distributed from this page, it will be removed. This software is the copyrighted property of Shiva Corporation. We distribute the software at no charge.

This software is provided strictly on a "use at your own risk" basis. If for any reason you cannot accept the full responsibility and/or risk(s) of using this software or if you do not have administrative rights (or ownership) for the computer you are installing or storing this software on, you may not install or use this software without appropriate consent from the computer administrator or owner.

That said, you may download the software by clicking here. Doing so indicates that you accept the terms displayed on this page.

When you have the software downloaded, it will be presented to you in the form of a self-extracting StuffIt archive and installer.

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