Shiva FastPath 5R Hardware Pictures

Exclamation point inside circular enclosure.CAUTION! This page contains a large number of images, with links to high resolution images. Those on metered or particularly bandwidth restricted connections (such as dial up) should plan their visit accordingly. If this is a problem, request that your browser stop loading this page and navigate back to the index.

The following pictures, submitted by Douglas Finn, show the internal and external aspects of the FastPath 5R hardware. Any image can be clicked to see it larger. Press the BACK button in your browser to return.

FastPath 5R Front Panel View

FastPath 5R Head-On Rear Panel View, with connectors

FastPath 5R Bottom Panel View

FastPath 5R Top Panel View

Would you take a look at that power supply?!

FastPath 5R Internal View, circuit boards and power supply

FastPath 5R Close Up Single Logic Board View

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