Disassembly & Reassembly of the Shiva FastPath 5

The FastPath 5 is easily disassembled. Follow the directions on this page if you want or need to disassemble yours.

1. Unplug all cables from the FastPath. There will be an Ethernet cable of some type, a power cord and an AppleTalk cable. Turn the power switch off!

Unplug FastPath

2. Place the FastPath on its side. You will see four philips head screws. Remove them and set them aside.


3. Slide the cover carefully off.

WARNING: Be sure the line cord and networking cables are unplugged!

Remove Cover

4. You should now be able to see the internals of the FastPath 5.

FastPath 5 Internals

5. If you will be removing the main logic board (the large green board in the top of picture 4) you must remove the "EtherModule" first. There are two "thumbscrews" you may use to release the EtherModule. Turn each screw counterclockwise just until they become difficult to turn. Pull the module straight out by both screws.

EtherModule being removed

6. Now you can remove the four screws (one at each corner of the logic board) that hold the logic board in place.

WARNING: Portions of the logic board remain fully powered if the onboard battery is operational. Extreme care should be exercised while handling the board--not only because it is good sense, but because certain parts are always powered and therefore are susceptible to more damage. DO NOT short or touch any chip or component leads. You probably won't be harmed, but parts of the FastPath may be damaged!

Unscrewing the logic board

7. Disconnect the power wires from the logic board after unscrewing it.

Power connector

8. The logic board is now out of the FastPath.

9. To reassemble the FastPath, perform steps 8 to 1 in reverse order. Don't forget to connect the power wires, reinsert the EtherModule and to fasten all screws securely. Do not power the unit with the cover removed, as certain hazardous components are exposed.

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